The publisher of the magazine "Improbable Research" annually awards ten "Ig Nobel Prizes" to scientific researchers whose work "makes people LAUGH and then THINK." The winner of the 2017 "Peace Prize" demonstrated that "regular playing of a didgeridoo is an effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring." Kinda sneaks up on ya, doesn't it? ;-)

Nothing tickles me more than coming across things that make me laugh and then think. One of my favorites from the art world is René Magritte's "This Is Not a Pipe." His painting of a tobacco pipe above the text "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" is silly but calls attention to the perils of blurring the distinction between representation and reality.

This week's photo is a bit of an inside joke so let me explain. Each year there are hundreds of juried art shows with maddeningly vague and complex rules for submission. Ironically, they all have one clear and simple prohibition -- "NO SAWTOOTH HANGERS." My rebellious streak couldn't resist so I just submitted this image (titled, of course, "This Is Not a Sawtooth Hanger") to a members-only exhibition at a local museum. Since the show is not juried, they must accept the work and I may well be the first person to sneak a "sawtooth hanger" into a museum show -- properly framed and wired of course! ;-)

This Is Not a Sawtooth Hanger

Untitled photo
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