One of the many helpful suggestions given by my friend and muse Colleen was to read Ted Orland's "The View From the Studio Door." For me, this book provided the inspiration and the roadmap to becoming an artist. Ted's thoughtful quote about artists in the community was a real breakthrough:

"One more genius or superstar would not do as much to make this world a better place as would thousands and thousands of people across the country quietly making art on a daily basis. The need for more art in the community is not nearly so great as the need for more artists in the community."

Which brings me to this week's photo:

Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

Recently, I was wandering the streets of a small town in Maine at sunrise and found this "Stairway to Heaven." While I was kneeling on the sidewalk, pressed against the glass doorway, a woman walked up and warily asked "what are you photographing?" Excited to share my discovery, I pointed and said "look at how the stairs seem to ascend into the sky with a doorway to heaven!"

She looked at me, then glanced at the stairway, then smiled and slowly backed away, shaking her head and muttering "Artists!"

What a great way to start the day -- an exciting new image and a compliment (even if unintended)! I hope she would agree that the benefits of having more artists in the community outweigh their sometimes baffling behavior!

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