They say it's the second revolution in printing -- the first, of course, being Gutenberg's invention in 1439. That may be an overstatement but the recent arrival of "print-on-demand" (POD) publishing certainly does lower the self-publishing bar for legions of aspiring authors.

Persuading (or paying) a traditional publisher to design, edit, print, bind, warehouse, ship, market and sell a book is expensive, time-consuming and near impossible without an agent and audience. On the other hand, authors can upload their book to Amazon's CreateSpace for free and start selling both print and Kindle versions in one or two days. Authors still must sweat blood to create the book but the mechanics of publishing literally couldn't be cheaper or easier.

So, I decided to take the plunge and publish my first book -- in particular, a book of photographs for children. For the last nine months I've been wandering around at night taking hundreds of pictures of places and things that might interest a mouse -- in essence, trying to see and perceive the world like a mouse. His name is Elliott and he's very curious and street-smart! I'll write more about Elliott and the book in future posts.

In this week's POTW you'll find two of my favorite images from the book. The first scene has lots of interesting bits and pieces for Elliott, children and adults to discover -- the all-white laundry hanging to dry, the scooter and bicycle, graffiti, garden, broken stairs, and the green cast over everything caused by the fluorescent lights. And then there is the cat staring right at Elliott!

Split, Croatia; June, 2017

The second scene is just for fun. I like to imagine Elliott and his friends giggling while rolling the balls into the pockets before heading off to bed.

Untitled photo
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