PInk Cup


When my friend Kate saw this colorful image taken recently in Cuba, she asked if I knew that the woman's outfit and the house were color-coordinated when I took the picture.

My answer was "yes, it was intentional" but the question provides an excellent segue to a useful technique for street photographers often described as "find a stage and wait for the actors to arrive."

In this case, as I was wandering the streets of central Havana I saw this beautiful house with pink walls, yellow awning and blue railing. I knew I'd found my "stage" so sat down on a stoop across the street and waited for the arrival of my "actors".

Within minutes, the woman you see across the street appeared right on cue wearing a red top while pushing a stroller with a kid dressed in blue and a bright yellow bag. What could be better? Well, two minutes later that "better" entered stage right -- the leading lady, costumed head to toe in pink, yellow and blue, took center stage and stole the show. Wow! For me, the icing on the cake is her pink mug. I couldn't have directed it better myself!

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