My cousin Marian recently sent me a photo. One morning while walking through her living room, she noticed the light streaming through a nativity set and grabbed her camera. She called the experience an "aha moment" and sent me a copy just because she thought I might like the image. I did, but I liked the thought behind it even more -- knowing that she wanted to share this moment with me.

Which got me thinking -- one of the best parts of putting one's art and thoughts "out there" is that other people seem inspired to share their art and thoughts with you too! My studio is full of WONDERFUL photographs, poems, prints, watercolors, cards, and paintings created by friends and family. And I've also received incredible feedback, encouragement and guidance from friends, teachers and mentors. Art is a sensational connector!

I didn't take this week's photo. It's a gift from my friend Tucker who took it for his high school photography class. It blew me away the first time I saw it and still does today as I look at the framed print on my wall. I'm captivated by the dynamic composition; the patterns and tonal gradations; the juxtaposition of the rectangular buildings, the round sun, and the straight line of the jet's contrail; as well as the timeless quality of this beautiful and creative photograph.But even more, I really like the thought behind it.

But even more, I really like the thought behind it.

PARK by Tucker Smith

Untitled photo
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