It's interesting how photography projects wind down. The simple ones end with a hard deadline (like a wedding or an exhibition opening). The most satisfying projects end because they feel "done" (whew!) -- they have a clear-cut storyline and the work has said what it needs to say.

Frustratingly, some never end. The humdrum projects fizzle out for lack of interest. The unlucky, like my "Mass Ave" series, become impractical because conditions changed. The damned, like my "Carny" series, get stuck for no apparent reason.


No Refunds

This is one of my favorite "Carny" images because it shows both the grit and the glamour of the midway. The pugnacious "NO REFUNDS" sign on the battered ticket booth window contrasts nicely with the colorful reflection of the "Fun House" behind me.

Although I still enjoy taking my camera to local carnivals and fairs hoping to advance the "Carny" story, nothing has "caught my eye" since 2014. Since I'm not ready to call it quits, I'll check out some new venues this summer and try to keep an open mind. I must admit, I'm not hopeful. Unless you know of any indulgences for uninspired artists, "Carny" may be stuck in project-purgatory for eternity.

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