I just spent a couple of days reviewing and cataloging 1,500 negatives from my years in college. This stroll down memory lane triggered a twinge of nostalgia -- partially for those youthful days but mostly for the thrill of discovering photography. Back in the day, I scrutinized every issue of Life and National Geographic, took all the Virginia Tech photography courses, bought my first camera, and expropriated my father's darkroom. I took pictures of sunsets and moonrises, roommates and girlfriends, beach grasses and mountain lakes. Every step of the way was thrilling.

Morning Light

Bed and shades

This week's photo shows the early morning light streaming through the shaded window in my basement apartment. I had just gotten out of bed, turned around, and instinctively followed Harold Feinstein's sage advice: "When your jaw drops, click the shutter." This was my very first "keeper" and the framed print hangs in our bedroom to this day.

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