The e-mail was so unexpected and such a hoot that I spontaneously laughed out loud! The photography magazine Don't Take Pictures had just notified me that the image below was one of 50 accepted for their "Still Life" exhibition -- such a surprise because I don't actually do still life photography. I had submitted a few images to their call for art because I like the magazine and the editor, submissions are free and these images, even if unintentionally, are "still life-ish!"

Monday Morning Blues (phone)

iPhone in Toilet

This image is from my "Monday Morning Blues" project which portrays those early morning accidents that make you want to go back to bed. And yes, I deliberately dropped my old and very dead iPhone into a toilet to make this picture.

In general, I like still life photography but it's often overly serious and macabre -- moldy cheese, spoiled fruit and dead fish and fowl are popular! However, the Don't Take Pictures "Still Life" show is surprisingly fresh and whimsical so throwing a sunken phone into the mix isn't as strange as it seems! I think the show is terrific so treat yourself to some non-traditional still life images at:

Still Life

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