This week's photo is another "decisive moment" but with a twist -- a literal "moment of decision." At just this instant, the boy had to decide whether to try to nail this trick (possibly ending badly) or bail and try for a safe landing.

Moment of Decision

Barcelona; May, 2017

However, the real reason I like this photo is because it amuses me -- for two reasons -- both related to fond memories of a favorite childhood cartoon series "Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner".

In one oft-repeated series, Road Runner eludes the ravenous Wile E. Coyote by dashing into a dark tunnel or hallway which, seconds later, miraculously transforms into a solid wall -- pancaking the pursuing Coyote. I just watched a few of these episodes and they still crack me up -- not because I have anything against coyotes but because they remind me that in life, some days you're the Road Runner and some days you're the Coyote. In either case, what triggered this stroll down memory lane was noticing that the shape of this boy's shadow looks just like Coyote's paper-thin silhouette.

In another common ploy, Road Runner tricks Coyote into running off a cliff where he preternaturally floats in thin air until, eventually, he looks down and realizes he's levitating over a very deep canyon. The "Uh oh!" look on this boy's face reminds me of Coyote's just before the inevitable plummet and crash.

In case you're wondering, he tried to nail it and it ended badly!

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