Lynn - Doug Johnson

Lately, I've been thinking about how artists sometimes shift their work back and forth between the physical and electronic worlds. Some of the artists in the "Seven Artists and a Toothbrush Factory" project (like Justine the potter) work entirely in the physical world. Others start out digital but end up physical -- Mike designs on a computer but creates finished products on his exquisitely antiquated silkscreen press.

And then there's Lynn -- the most extreme shifter of the group. For months, she painstakingly designs, hand-inks and prints hundreds of unique monotypes -- similar to the old school Disney cartoon animators. Then, she scans and sequences them all into digital stop-motion animated videos. This week's POTW is a picture of Lynn inking one of the plates with a Q-tip. A few dozen of the eventual 676 prints are on the wall behind her.


Brushworks, Florence, MA; October, 2016

You can see the video of Lynn's completed monotype animation ("Living 614") here:

Like me, most of my photo-pals switched from physical to electronic photography about 10 years ago. While I don’t regret this shift to digital, I do miss watching an image magically appear under an amber light in the darkroom. I wouldn't choose to go back solely to film/paper photography but somehow working entirely in the digital world feels incomplete. I don't know where these sketchy ideas will lead but the physical world is definitely calling!

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