My only clues are a tarnished metal key stamped with '606' and a hunch that it might unlock the door to my room. The empty campus looks vaguely familiar. I wander until dark and finally enter a dorm at random. The door sills are numbered with magic marker but in no order -- 701 is next to 596 which is next to 1142. I finally find 606 but the beds are made and there's luggage on the floor and four guys are having a party. And then I wake up and head downstairs to make coffee.

During an interview with Terry Gross, Billy Collins divided his poems into two groups -- those he wrote before he "found his voice" (imitations of other poets he admired) and those he wrote after (poems only he could have written). I like that! I don't know if I've "found my voice" but do know that I'm the only one who could have created my "Lost Dreams" series.

All of the images in this series are based on these recurring dreams I've had since childhood -- dreams where I'm lost, abandoned or rejected and searching for family, shelter or home. It took me almost a year to make the connection between these dreams and the earliest images from Karin Rosenthal's "Beyond the Pose" workshops but once I did, photographing solitary, vulnerable figures wandering through unfamiliar, dreamlike environments made sense.

This week's photo is one of the images selected by Karin for the current exhibition "37 Photographers / One Model" at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. And no, I did not ask Jim to climb up the side of this barn!

Lost Dreams


You can see the whole series here:

Lost Dreams

Also, you really should take a look at Karin's work and listen to her voice.

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