Elliott the Mouse - Doug Johnson

Ta-da -- my first book "The Nighttime Adventures of Elliott the Mouse" is done!

One of the best parts of my "Elliott the Night Mouse" project has been collaborating with friends. Photographers, like painters, writers and other artists, tend to work alone so getting to share ideas with my pals has been a real bonus. Thank you Anna, Jessica, Nick, Bob, Deb, Colleen, Kate, Pippi, Vivien and Marian for helping more than you'll ever know! And special thanks to the kids -- Henry, James, Claire and Emmett -- for sharing your imagination and insight with me!

Learning how different the world appears when photographed from ground-level has been eye-opening! Shallow puddles become vast lakes, road grates become continental rifts and small bronze ducklings become towering Macy's Thanksgiving parade balloons. Thanks to Elliott for sharing his strange little world with me!

On the other hand, one downside of this project has been dealing with the quizzical and sometimes suspicious looks from bystanders while I'm crawling around, late at night, with my camera, in public places and dark back alleys. No one has called the police or rescue squad but at least now I can show them the book to explain what Elliott and I are doing!

This week's "photo" is actually the illustration I created for the book. I imagine Elliott to be adventurous, street-smart and stylish so his persona is a cross between Garth Williams' delightful illustrations for "Stuart Little" and the Biggie Cheese rapper from the "Barnyard" movie.

For more information about Elliott, the photographs and the book, see:


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