Using a different technique, this image continues last week's theme showing what happens when the camera "smooshes" a four-dimensional world onto a flat surface. Here, a slow shutter speed (i.e. 20-second exposure) makes the fast-moving cars disappear while turning their lights into long and winding, red and white ribbons.

Danger Moon

Untitled photo

This section of Memorial Drive near MIT in Cambridge, MA is wild. Traffic is flying down multiple lanes that merge, split, dive underground and swing out over the Charles River. While whizzing by, it's impossible to read let alone make sense of the umpteen signs in this short stretch. Add to this the further distraction of a luminous full moon rising right in the middle of this visual chaos and things really get hairy ;-)

My favorite in this jumble of signs is the small black and yellow "tippy truck" next to the "DANGER" warning. It baffles and amuses me -- what danger is it warning us to avoid? Bicycles flip head over heels uncontrollably after hitting a pothole but what exactly would cause a truck to tip forward and smash an overpass?

Keeping with the multicultural tradition of giving expressive names to full moons (e.g. the Algonquin's "Harvest Moon" and the Chinese "Chrysanthemum Moon"), "Danger Moon" seems the perfect title for this week's photo.

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