Since street photography can be so rewarding, I don't mind that it's often tiring and frustrating but I wish it wasn't so unpredictable! It's either feast or famine and I can't figure out why. After a week-long, 40+ miles search in St. Petersburg, FL last February, I went home with a grand total of one so-so addition to my "We Are The World" project. After two days here in Barcelona, I've got a dozen new images AND the beginnings of three new projects!

Wait, did you say Barcelona? Yes! Our lease ended May 1st so we are AirBnb'ing our way around Europe for three months -- returning to the same Northampton house in August. While traveling this summer, I'll focus more on street photography and less on projects so my POTW posts will likely contain more images than usual and only a brief description of where or why I took them.

Here's three new images from a nearby market, park and the Metro/subway station.


Parque de la Creueta del Coll

Metro Station

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