One of the most memorable quotes by one of my favorite photographers, Elliott Erwitt, is "If you're curious enough and if you get up in the morning and go out and take pictures, you're likely to be more lucky than if you just stay at home."

This sage advice is amusing, self-evident and easier said than done. Case in point, I just returned from a long weekend at Wells Beach, Maine, and the timing of the sunrise and low tide meant that I needed to be on the beach at 6:45am. I'm OK with waking up early but crawling out of a warm bed, bundling up and heading out on a chilly morning to photograph beach ephemera takes some gumption. That said, I'm (almost) always glad I did.

For the last nine years, a short stretch of beach has been the setting for my "Set in Sand" project -- a series that tries to capture brief scenes of calm, order, and beauty in the chaos of wind, waves, and tides. A few hours later, all these scenes were gone.

Remarkably, I keep seeing new things and this trip was especially rewarding -- adding 13 new images to the series.

A couple of my favorites are below.

You can see the "Set In Sand" series here:

Thank you, Mr. Erwitt. Now, time for my nap!

Wells Beach; October, 2021
Untitled photo

Also, I have some exciting news. My book "Hyperbole World" was selected by jurors Karen Davis and Paula Tognarelli for inclusion in the Davis Orton Gallery’s 12th Annual Photobook Show! The books will be exhibited at the Davis Orton Gallery in Hudson, NY, from November 20 to December 19 and then move to the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA, from January 6 to February 27, 2022. An artist reception will be held at the Griffin Museum on January 13 from 7:00 to 8:30pm.

Visually, "Hyperbole World" is a collection of 71 photographs showing Mom and Pop shops named “Something World” where “Something” is a noun like Bagel, Crocodile, Condom, Magic or Spandex. The images, I hope, are interesting but ultimately the goal of this series is to showcase the hope, pride, imagination, humor, pluck (and, OK, maybe a little hubris) of the owners.

You can see the "Hyperbole World" images here:

The online photobook show and catalog can be viewed on the Davis Orton Gallery web site:

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