Finding my “artistic voice” is still a work in progress but much of what I know is due to the thoughtful and generous support of fellow artists, teachers and mentors. My great pal Colleen taught me that art is personal and introduced me to Ted Orland’s inspiring and life-altering book The View From the Studio Door.

I will forever be grateful to Jay Maisel and Arthur Meyerson for teaching me how to “look harder,” to Katherine French for opening the door to my first coherent body of work (“Hands”) and to Karin Rosenthal, Nick Johnson, Arno Minkkinen and Billie Mandle for helping me navigate the storyteller’s path.

Gary Schwartz, whose kind and generous spirit is a gift to everyone who has the good fortune to know him, contributed a Foreword that is any artist’s dream. James Raff, an amazing poet and musician, wrote the perceptive and melancholy poem “Chinese Chess Masters.” Melissa Tandysh, who designed the cover, was a creative delight to work with.

Every comma, word, sentence and thought in these essays was gently and meticulously edited and reviewed by my great friend Kate Droney. This book, literally, would not exist without her years of support and encouragement.

And a special thanks, of course, to my intrepid readers. Your support, encouragement and feedback over the years has meant more than you will ever know. Thank you!

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